Super Green Tea Diet Review – Weight Loss Miracle?

To start off this Super Green Tea Diet review let’s first look at the brand. Nature’s Bounty, the largest producer of vitamins, minerals and health products in the United States, released the product. The idea behind this diet plan is to eat healthier and stick to a regular exercise plan, while being assisted by a diet supplement that will help you burn calories and suppress your cravings.

Sounds like any other diet supplement on the market, no?

Well not really.

Green tea origins date back at least four thousand years, where it was commonly used by the Asian culture. Green tea is known to increase sugar and fat metabolism which helps burn calories and lowers the body’s ability to store fat. The antioxidants found in green tea decrease insulin production which increases your body’s ability to transform fats into energy. Then tea is able to reduce food craving allowing you to go a longer time without feeling the urge to eat.

The Super Green Tea supplement is made of all natural ingredients including:

  • vitamin B6
  • chromium
  • green tea
  • guarana
  • ginger
  • una ursi

The ginger is added to aide in your digestion, which helps to eliminate any nausea that may have otherwise been associated with green tea. Una ursi is a natural product that allows your body to keep the proper fluid balance, limiting the potential for your body to retain water and cause bloating.

I’d also like to mention in this Super Green Tea Diet review that not only is this an all-natural supplement made by a respectable company but the product is completely ephedra free. Ephedra is an ingredient found in many diet supplements on the market and is considered to be potentially dangerous as it has been linked to at least two deaths. The absence of ephedra will help you know that the plan’s product is safe to use. With the strong reputation of Nature’s Bounty over the last thirty years, you can rest assure that this product has been well-tested and is safe to use.

Now exactly just how do you USE it you might ask?

They say that you should take one pill a day after having two meals and a full glass of water. This pill is designed to ONLY be an aid to help you on your path to a healthy weight. Diet and exercise are still to be a vital part of the complete Super Green Tea Diet plan. This is something that I ALWAYS make sure to mention when I discuss any time of diet supplement.

And let me remind you – a pill is NEVER a miracle. Not to mention that with any weight loss regime you must learn about the tools to carry out your diet plan to the fullest: basically a reduced calorie diet plan and a daily exercise plan for you is a MUST.

Getting the most out of a weight loss program is of course our biggest goal. Real results without the yo-yoing.

The Day Off Diet Review

The Day Off Diet is quickly becoming one of the most popular diet programs available for instant download online. Unlike more expensive programs like Weight Watchers which require a monthly payment, The Day Off Diet is available instantly upon a one time purchase. But the main reason that The Day Off Diet is becoming so popular is not the fact that it’s available for download instantly, nor is it the fact that it’s far more affordable than most dieting alternatives, nor is it even the fact that The Day Off Diet is essentially free for the first 60 days due to it’s 100% money back guarantee. No, the main reason it’s becoming such a popular choice for those who need to lose weight is that it’s far more effective than other diets.

The Four Main Reasons The Day Off Diet Is So Effective

#1 It Is Easy To Follow. Unlike other programs such as Weight Watchers which requires you to count all of your calories, or programs such as Atkins which require you to count all of your carbs, The Day Off Diet’s ingenious “green light” food guidelines method means you never have to count anything when you’re on this diet. This makes it much easier to follow as counting calories, carbs, or fat makes one’s mind always on food, the last place it should be!

#2 It Keeps The Metabolism Boosted. One of the biggest problems with low calorie diets is that they cause your body to go into “starvation mode” which greatly slows down your metabolism and makes it much harder to lose weight! The Day Off Diet solves this problem with is “day off” every 7th day. This day off not only allows you to satisfy your cravings (more on that in #4) it also keeps your metabolism high so that you lose weight faster than on other diets!

#3 It Turns Off The Fat Storing Gene. The “green light” food guidelines are not only easy to follow they are also going to cause your body to “turn off the fat storing gene.” Scientists now believe that some foods cause the body to turn on the “fat storing gene.” The Day Off Diet will help you to avoid those foods so that your fat storing gene is turned off and you lose weight faster!

#4 It Allows Dieters To Satisfy Their Cravings. The weekly “day off” not only keeps the metabolism boosted for faster weight loss (see #2) it also is essential to the diet’s success psychologically. By having a “day off” to eat anything you want every 7th day, it keeps dieters from “cheating” on the other days of the week. Satisfy your cravings every Saturday so you can stick with the diet the other 6 days of the week!