Beautiful Russian

My name is Roland and I live in Thousand Oaks, CA. I’m 39 years old and I have a 13 year-old daughter from a previous marriage. I had an American girlfriend for about 2 years. Things were going well and we were talking about moving in together, you know, taking the “next step.” One day she told me that she ran into an old friend (Bill) and that they went for drinks. I didn’t think anything of it really. We had been together long enough and I was pretty confident in terms of her feelings for me.

She started hanging out with this “old friend” more and more. I started to get suspicious when it seemed that she was hanging out with Bill more than with me. When I confronted her, she would swear up and down that Bill was just a friend. He was going through a bad break-up and just needed a shoulder to cry on.

Fast forward to one Saturday night when she was supposed to be having dinner at her mother’s house in Simi Valley, CA. I got a call from a mutual friend of ours. She told me that she was at a bar and was watching my girlfriend “getting cozy” with some guy in a booth! I drove down to the bar and there she was with Bill. I asked her why she lied to me. She said that she wasn’t doing anything wrong but that she felt she had to lie to me because if she told me that she was with Bill, I wouldn’t believe that it was innocent. Well, she was right. I didn’t believe it. Turns out, she and Bill quickly became more than friends and she left me about 2 weeks after that “bar incident.”

I was pretty heart broken. It was a major blow to my ego you know? She was choosing another guy over me! It was really hard to deal with and I kept thinking she would wake up and realize that she loved me. That day never came.

My story is probably not unlike a TON of other stories about infidelity. In fact, this wasn’t the first time that I’ve been cheated on or left by some girlfriend. I really started to think that there was something wrong with me.

I started looking online for dating sights. I decided it was time to try my luck at internet dating. I did a search for dating and came across this Russian dating site. I’ve always really had a thing for Russian women. They just seem so exotic and most of them are really beautiful. I think the language is really sexy too.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure how I was going to meet a girl from Russia. I live in California and I really wasn’t interested in a long distance relationship. Turns out that there are a lot of Russian women who are interested in meeting men from the U.S. I guess most Russian men think of their women as property and Russian women are sick of it. Most Russian women would kill for the chance to meet a man from the States. We just know how to treat a lady I think. We think of ourselves as fortunate to have a beautiful woman who loves us whereas I think that most Russian men think that it’s their right to have women. All I know is that this website was filled with tons of really beautiful Russian women who all wanted to meet a man from the U.S. and, if things worked out, most of them want to move here and get married.

I found a lady that I particularly liked. Her name is Veronica and she is 31 years old. She has two kids (2 and 4) from a previous marriage with a Russian man. I guess he was abusive to her and they have been divorced for about a year.

Veronica and I chatted online for a while and then I was able to call her. She and I spoke on the phone for about 2 weeks (you should see my phone bill) and then she invited me to come visit her in Russia! I’ve never been to Russia before but I couldn’t wait to go and finally meet her. I visited Veronica in Russia in the beginning of May, 2010. It was a little weird at first but we eventually warmed up to each other. Her kids are great. They are smart and playful and full of life! I stayed in Russia for 5 days and visited with Veronica every day that I was there. Since then, I’ve been back to see her twice.

Today is July 11, 2010 and Veronica and I are engaged. She is still in Russia but she is planning on coming to the States in mid-August. She will bring her kids when she comes and they will stay at my house. I don’t think she will be able to stay for good yet, only until her Visa runs out I think. We are having to jump through a lot of legal hoops to get her a visa and I honestly don’t know when she will be able to actually stay here and get her citizenship. All I know is that we are in love and it’s different than any other relationship I have ever been in. Russian women are just different than American women. They have family values and they aren’t caught up in what we look like or what kind of car we drive. Veronica is totally loving and caring and she makes me feel like a king. At first I was worried that maybe she was just using me to gain U.S. Citizenship but I’m absolutely positive that that’s not the case. I can’t wait to see her again.

If you are a man who is fed up with American women who are judgmental and materialistic, you might give Russian women a shot. I’m really happy that I did!

What to Expect When You Are Expecting and Addicted to Drugs

You may think you are sober because you are off of street drugs but if you are taking any prescription drugs while pregnant, you may still be harming yourself and the baby.

One day, while doing one of my medical school rotations at St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ, where, incidentally, I gave birth to my three children, the hospital was abuzz with the news that the amazing Whitney Houston was having her baby on the top floor in the VIP suite.

I must confess that I, being a lowly medical student in 1993, did not get to lay my eyes on the famous singer, but I did feel a common bond with her. We were the same age, and I had a baby in this same hospital less than two years before her.

What I feel now is deep sadness for her and, especially, for her 18-year-old daughter, whom she had while I was just a few floors below her. Whitney’s death is just so senseless, so painfully early. She was a mother who left her child an orphan, and being a mother was so important to her, as it is for most every woman.

We dream of being a mother while still little girls; we play with dolls, we cradle them in our arms, we dress them and we pretend to feed them. We grow up dreaming of one day carrying little ones under our hearts, and nursing them at our breasts.

But what happens if we make mistakes along the way? What if a woman gets addicted to drugs or alcohol while she is young and foolish? Can she still have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby? I get asked these questions very often from concerned women who either want to get pregnant or are already pregnant and want to know the consequences of their mistakes.

We all know that our actions must bear consequences, but our children should not be the ones bearing the brunt of them. So we must be careful how to treat our bodies prior to getting pregnant and, certainly, even more so once we are expecting. Most women start taking prenatal vitamins months before getting pregnant, so how much more important would it be to start taking care of your body by getting off whatever drugs you are on way before you conceive? Did you know that drugs are not only harmful to you, but are readily transferred though the placenta and will harm an unborn fetus, even before your know you may be pregnant?

For instance: Benzodiazepines like Valium, Xanax and Ativan have been shown to lead to lip and palate malformation such as split lip.

Alcohol consumption leads to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Pain pills, heroin, methadone and Suboxone, if not tapered during pregnancy, will leave the baby addicted at birth.

Cocaine use can lead to insufficient blood supply to the baby and death of the fetus in the womb. If you quit before you are pregnant, none of these will be a concern. You will not have to worry about telling anything to the obstetrician or midwife, and you will not have to worry about what they may suspect. There are things you should know about pregnancy and drug testing.

There are no uniform laws throughout the states and most physicians do not know the ins and outs of those laws. There are laws that obligate a health provider to notify authorities whenever there is a suspicion of neglect or potential of abuse. You may be able to refuse a drug test for yourself, but if any of the staff has any suspicion, they still have a right to test your newborn.

Your baby’s meconium (first stool) can show your drug use as early as the 20th week of pregnancy, and it will show practically every illicit drug you have put into your body.

If you have not been truthful and cooperative with your healthcare team, many states grant them lots of leeway in what they can do with this newly obtained information. No state wants to separate children from their parents, but if you are not showing them that you are on the side of your own good and your baby’s best interest, they do have the power to do things that you may not want!

So, what is the best course of action?

First, get clean before you get pregnant, or as soon as you think that you are. I know this is hard, but trust me, this is not the first hard thing you will be doing for your child, nor the last.

If you are unable to, or find out too late into pregnancy that you are expecting, get prenatal care as soon as possible. Talk to your obstetrician or midwife, and start off with being honest and totally cooperative. Come up with a plan of action that will get you clean and sober as quickly as possible, so that when the baby is born, both of you are healthy and ready for meaningful bonding.

We want to see our children grow up unencumbered with our problems. To give them the best chance of a healthy life, we must be at our best, ourselves. Some of us, like Whitney Houston, seemingly have it all – beauty, talent and wealth – yet we are unable to give our children what we owe them, which is a healthy, happy, clean and sober version of ourselves. If we can commit to give them that, we have a chance to be there for them when they get married, and to babysit their children and their children’s children, as well. Is it not what we owe them? Not to leave them orphaned at 18 with only a song that says that we will always love them.

Can Depression and Anxiety Lead to Hypomnesia?

There are various factors or causes that lead to depression and anxiety. Depression can be triggered by an event or genetic factors. Anxiety disorder, meanwhile, can affect daily functions. There are social situations or conditions which can create a lot of pressure and make people uncomfortable, leaving them with bouts with anxiety.

When depression and anxiety happens together, the situation can be extremely stressful and sometimes can cause hypomnesia. Hypomnesia is a term often referred to as poor memory or the inability of a person to recall previously memorized information.

The stress and panic that a person feels during episodes and depression and anxiety, can affect certain areas of the brain and lead to temporary memory slips. But hypomnesia caused by depression and anxiety can be treated, when depression and anxiety is also treated.

There are different forms of treatment for depression. Making some lifestyle changes will not only ease depression, but can also improve a person’s memory. Bipolar 1, where a patient experiences a cycle of mania and depression, can cause a person to temporary lose memory and experience hallucinations. To address depression, sufferers are recommended to:

· Exercise. Physical activity does not only help the body produce feel-good chemicals, but is also a great way of improving memory.

· Sleep. Getting enough hours of sleep everyday is also a great memory enhancer. Poor sleep or lack of sleep can affect the part of the brain responsible for storing long-term memories.

· Proper nutrition. There are “brain” foods which will also benefit your brain and at the same time help ease depression.

Meanwhile, anxiety is characterized by fear and worry. Whenever a person experiences an anxiety attack, the first thing that a person should do is relax. Simple methods can help a person relax such as:

· Breathing exercises. Breathing properly will help oxygen get into the system and will help sooth the body,

· Listening to calming music. Music can significantly reduce anxiety attacks and are in fact used during different medical settings.

· Guided imagery or visualization. Patients can identify a calming situation and imagine it to relax.

· Massage. This is another therapy which can help in reducing stress and overcoming anxiety.

For some changes in lifestyle and performing simple exercises can help a person deal with depression and therapy. But, whether the methods worked or did not work for you, it is very important to get professional help and support in overcoming these behaviour problems.