Trampoline Exercises

Exercises on a trampoline make great sense when you’re too idle to take the trouble of driving even to the nearest gym for your regular workout. If you’re tired of the typical aerobic exercises, you should consider taking these exercises. It’s good if your consider starting a routine so you get balanced exercises you the trampoline. This equipment is fun and you can shed off your extra pounds easily.

Exercises on a trampoline involve rebounders. They are typically popularizes as mini-trampolines. Quite a few exercises, like typical jumping, walking and jogging or straight bouncing may be very easily done on a trampoline. The good thing is that, you don’t have to leave the convenience and privacy of your home.

For instance, rebounding comes with a very low impact workout which puts negligible stress on your body joints. In addition to getting your muscles toned up, the rebounder exercises may also boost a healthy metabolism in your body.

They can also improve your body’s oxygen consumption, tissue circulation, lymph circulation, and heart health. Above all, they help you improves your sense of balance while increasing your stamina and energy levels.

Usually, most exercises commence with a 5- minute warm-up. Five most common warm-ups are-
a. Contact Bounce
b. Foot Tap
c. Hamstring Curls
d. Side-to-Side and
e. Jog Bounce

This is followed by some stretching exercises like –
a. Lower Body Stretch
b. Bent-Torso Pull
c. Floor Stretch
d. Bent-Over Leg Stretch

Stretching can substantially minimize the danger of various kinds of injuries that occur in your joints as well as muscles. So you can do some stretching before commencing the main routine. Here’s a list of the 5 most common trampoline exercises –
a. Contact Big Bounce
b. Knee Raise
c. Jumping Jacks
d. Upright Rows
e. Twist Bouncing

When you’re done with these workouts, you can take a couple of minutes to cool-down. This helps in winding down your major muscle groups following your workouts. Sometimes, exercises done in your warm-up period is at times repeated for a smooth cool-down.

But be sure that your trampoline is fully well assembled. Try out a little bit of exercises prior to getting started with the actual work out routine exercise. If you’re just a beginner with exercises on a trampoline, get started with basic warm ups at a very slow pace. Then try to graduate to a rather moderate speed, since the body muscles must adopt with rebounding movements.

If you can regularly follow smart and balanced exercise combinations, you can get great results. But you should also focus more on balanced diets to get faster and healthier results.