How Can We Have a Great Trip as Diabetics?

Being a person who suffers of diabetes doesn’ t mean that you can’ t travel anywhere you want as much as you desire. Although diabetes is an affection that involves many procedures and a special daily routine doesn’t take you the right to go to different places.

First of all, people who suffer from diabetes should plan their trip with about a month before they leave. It is important to mention that a medical exam before the trip represents a first step. Moreover, the doctor can see how your condition evolves and also he can prescribe you a treatment including injections in order to make your immune system stronger. Furthermore, as a diabetic you should ask from your doctor two important papers which might help you during the trip. One of them is a prescription which includes useful things for your condition such as pills or insulin injections and also a letter which usually has a list with certain allergies you have or any foods and medications which can have bad effects on you. Much more many people who suffer from diabetes wear a medical ID bracelet or necklace which shows that they have diabetes and also they ensure themselves to learn some specific words regarding their affection in the languages of the countries that they are going to visit.

Secondly, a person with diabetes should always have a special bag including at least twice their necessary things for diabetes. In addition to this the bag should include: blood and urine testing supplies, insulin and syringes, different medications, the ID and diabetes identity card and also a well-wrapped, air-tight snack pack of crackers or cheese, fruits and other foods necessary to treat low blood glucose. For people who travel by plane the food should be requested at least two days before the departure and should consist in special meals low in sugar, fat or cholesterol. It is important to say that the place you are going to store your supplies should be away from the heath or cold.

Moreover, when somebody makes a trip and in this way will cross the time zone, the doctor indications will be useful in planning the time for insulin injections for the whole period. For instance for the eastward travel it is necessary less insulin due to shorter day and on the other hand, wesward travel means longer day so more insulin is required.

Thirdly, people who suffers from diabetes should avoid certain foods that may hurt their diabetes control and not in the last place they should wear comfortable shoes and never walk barefoot in order to avoid cuts, scratches and other affections.