Diabetes Causes Accelerated Aging

According to science, there is a link between accelerated aging and Type 2 diabetes. Nobody wants to experience the harmful symptoms of diabetes as well as seeing themselves looking older than their years. In this article are the relationship between premature aging and diabetes and what to do in order to treat these conditions.

Glycation is that link between accelerated aging and Type 2 diabetes and this happens when a molecule of either fat or protein binds with sugar molecule. This causes Glycotoxins which harm body cells. People who suffer Type 2 diabetes will have increased glycotoxins because of the heightened blood sugar levels. These toxins become bolder and multiply in an environment where glucose is high. This then leads to complications related to diabetes such as accelerated aging.

One way to avoid accelerated aging is to burn that extra blood sugar away. This can be done through exercise and increased body actions. A Type 2 diabetes sufferer can walk instead of ride a vehicle. Other exercises should be done so that the body becomes fit and excess sugar is removed.

Type 2 diabetes and accelerated aging can also be due to a diet rich in carbohydrates. Glycation happens because carbohydrates heighten blood sugar levels. As soon as protein and blood sugar molecule attaches to one another, this leads to AGE or Advanced Glycation Endproduct. Heightened levels of AGE are a sign of premature aging where the skin acquires wrinkles, the arteries clog up, eye cataracts occur, the kidneys become damaged, dementia is experienced and arthritis is felt. When AGE happens, it can be slowed down by lifestyle changes.

There is one universal antioxidant that can help reverse Type 2 diabetes and accelerated aging. This is the antioxidant called alpha lipoic acid (ALA) which aids the body in creating energy and renewing its different parts. It can help prevent various diseases such as diabetes and its symptoms. This can be found in natural vegetables and fresh meats.

ALA minimizes blood sugar in those suffering from Type 2 diabetes. It lessens glycation that causes harm and aging. It is therefore important to have a balanced and healthy diet with enough amount of ALA to ward off Type 2 diabetes and premature aging.

Diabetes makes a sufferer obese but ALA can help with this problem by working with the protein creatine so as to enhance metabolism and promote energy. It also aids Vitamin B in efficiently turning fats, carbohydrates and proteins into energy. This would then make one lose fat easier thus obesity is prevented.

Sufferers of Type 2 diabetes have their blood thickened because of the high glucose level. However, ALA can be of help by lessening cholesterol levels that harden arteries and thicken blood. It is thus important to supplement the body by taking natural food supplements with ALA.

Type 2 diabetes can lead to accelerated aging thus it is important to reverse it with a healthy lifestyle that includes a diet of natural foods, regular workouts and natural supplementation that has vital ingredients such as ALA.